Cool things for book lovers

Cool things for book lovers
All that’s missing is the butterbeer
I am very busy with my self-editing course at the moment (point of view and psychic distance in case you’re interested) so it’s a short blog post from me this week. You might or might not have gathered that I’m a bit of a book geek – I have a Pinterest board called “Books books books”, to which I like to pin anything and everything book related that I come across.

I thought some of you might be interested to see a few of these yourselves, so I have rounded up my favourites below (note: an embarrassingly large number of my pins are from Buzzfeed – I honestly don’t have too much time on my hands):

Reading nooks

It is my ultimate life goal to have a reading nook. That is when I will know I have made it as a reader. Hot chocolate optional (I’ll have wine in mine instead please) but fairy lights compulsory.

30 most beautiful reading nooks

Grandiose libraries

I love a grandiose library. Especially if it smells of “old book”. I can recall countless trips to stately homes in which I ignored the flock wallpaper and wingbacked armchairs to scan the shelves of books just out of pure nosiness.

16 libraries you have to see before you die

(One down, fifteen to go…)

And if you happen to not live in a stately home, here are some slightly more do-able ideas for your own library. I can’t wait until the day I have my very own library ladder.

9 home library ideas


It’s no secret that I love to be scared. If you do too, these books should do the job. Some personal recommendations that are not on the list are (I’ve mentioned them before and no doubt I’ll mention them again) Dracula and House of Leaves.

45 seriously spooky books

I have only read fourteen of the books on this list, but I’m looking forward to working my way through the rest in my future reading nook on a dark and stormy evening, perhaps with a dark & stormy in hand.

Which reminds me…

Literary-inspired cocktails

Anyone who knows me will tell you I love cocktails almost as much as I love books (although I’m more of a negroni and old-fashioned girl than a fan of tequila sunsets and blue lagoons). Some of the recipes and books are a little tenuously connected, but I won’t tell if you don’t. What better combination than books and booze?

Top 10 literary inspired cocktails

Perhaps books, booze AND brunch…

Cooking the books

Given how much I enjoy cooking, a few years ago I decided it would be cool to set up a blog in which I made up recipes inspired by dishes I read about in books (Silence of the Lambs, I’m NOT looking at you). However, I decided it would be pretty time consuming and it turns out a few people have beaten me to it anyway. It sounds like a Harry Potter-themed dinner party is in order…

Food in Literature

(First on my list are The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo bacon pancakes, and butterbeer ice cream.)

Reading challenge

If you like lists (and lists within lists), perhaps this reading challenge will appeal. I might give it a go as soon as I have finished my course.

2016 Reading Challenge

If you want an even more challenging challenge, my mum is working her way through this – it’s great for me as she weeds out the best of the bunch and passes them along.

I hope you enjoy the above! There are plenty more book-related pins on my Pinterest board if you want to visit bookshops of epic proportions or literary-inspired bars, need gift ideas for a book lover or just want inspiration for what to read next.


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